Heating and Cooling Maintenance

Car Heating and Cooling Problems

As summer fades into fall, it’s a good idea to closely inspect your vehicle – especially its heating and cooling system. A year or two can fly by before you know it, and your car needs maintenance to keep you rolling.

We all want our cars to crank (“start” if you’re from the North) when we turn the switch or push the button. But it’s unrealistic to expect perfection from a vehicle unless it gets recurrent preventive maintenance. Fall is a great time to schedule vehicle maintenance. Garages are not as busy as they are in the blistering heat of summer or in the frigid cold of winter.

Basic Heating and Cooling Maintenance

Over my 30+ years in the auto business, I’ve observed that the most abused system on the average automobile is the heating and cooling system. A good rule of thumb is to change the coolant (antifreeze) every other year. Not only does this help extend the life of your radiator and your water pump, but it may also save your engine from overheating or cracking.

Let’s Do the Math

Replacing a water pump or a radiator can cost you hundreds of dollars, and an engine replacement can run into thousands! Most garages will drain and replace the antifreeze in the average automobile for less than $100.

The Bottom Line

A simple antifreeze drain and refill will prolong the life of your car and make its heating and cooling system perform at its best. Approximately $100 now or possibly thousands later? That’s a pretty easy decision, right?

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