Big Car, Little Car

big car front of big car, little carBig car, little car. It’s a decision car buyers make every day.

Often, people go car shopping and think, “We need an SUV with a third seat so we can take the kids on vacation.” They envision a perfect road trip with everyone having plenty of leg room and the children watching a movie going down the highway.

Then in the weeks and months that follow that vacation, reality sets in. The SUV uses more fuel than what the car they traded in did. Insurance is higher too. Tires cost more. Brakes cost more. On and on it goes. You get the picture.

Luckily, there’s an easy solution that works year-round: Buy an economy sedan. Or if you must have more space, buy a midsize or full-size sedan. Even full-size sedans are cheaper to own and operate than SUVs. And you would be surprised at the great MPGs full-size sedans get these days.

Then when it’s time to go on that marvelous vacation, rent an SUV if you want. Rent it 2 or 3 times a year if that’s what you need to do.little car of big car, little car

1. It keeps unnecessary miles off your sedan.
2. You don’t have to keep up the more expensive vehicle for 52 weeks a year.
3. The purchase price, maintenance costs, and insurance fees are much less for the sedan than they would be for an SUV.
4. With the money you save owning and operating the sedan, you can easily afford to rent the SUV.

Big car, little car. In short, buy what works for you 11 months out of 12 instead of one month out of 12. Save money on transportation!

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