Maintenance Versus Restoration

Regular Maintenance Keeps a Car Attractive to You and Others

Do you recall ever spotting an older car that wasn’t necessarily a collectors’ item or a show car but was still so clean and impressive that you couldn’t resist turning your head to look at it more closely? Let’s talk about what made that car a lookerResults of Good Car Maintenance

In my opinion, any time a car is roughly 10 years old or older but still has sparkling paint, flawless moldings, nice interior and clean unblemished glass, it will get people’s attention. So, what’s the best way to go about getting and keeping a car in pristine condition? If we interview owners of older cream puffs, we will discover several things they often have in common:

  • Their cars get regular maintenance either at a garage or by the owners themselves.
  • They either clean or have their cars cleaned often – at least twice per month.
  • The owners do not eat in their cars. Ever.
  • They enjoy spending money on things that assure their cars remain attractive and continue to perform well.
  • These proud owners are convinced they will delight in driving their older cars if they keep those cars in excellent condition.

Does Your Car Need Regular Maintenance or More Serious Restoration?

Look at your current car. Does it need dents repaired or new paint? Carpet worn? Steering wheel seen its better days? Cracked armrests or dash pad? Worn brake or clutch pedal pads? Drooping headliner? Sagging sun visors? Seats need recovering and new foam? Chips, cracks or water spots on your glass? Chrome pitting or thin? Tires weather cracked, worn unevenly or low on tread? Headlights discolored?

Now make a list of the mechanical problems that you know your car has. Then take it to a garage for a thorough checkup by a qualified mechanic.

Put together an estimate of all the costs of needed maintenance and repairs. After you do the math, you may discover that it makes more sense for you to put a fraction of that money toward a newer vehicle.

Regular Car Maintenance Increases Resale Value

Keeping your car in top shape will accomplish several things for you:

  • Your car will be more enjoyable and safe for you, your family and friends.
  • It will make your car more desirable to prospective buyers.
  • Whenever you are ready to trade in or sell your car, it will help your car bring top book value.

The essential point is this: It costs less to maintain a vehicle than it costs to restore a vehicle. If your car is in good shape today, COMMIT TO KEEPING IT IN GOOD SHAPE.

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