Maintenance Is Money Well Spent

Spring Into Action - Regular Maintenance on Your Vehicle Is Money Well Spent

Once again, spring is upon us. We look around and see nature changing. And we should be reminded that our vehicles need our attention too. They need spring maintenance – not only because we’ve logged more miles since that last garage visit, but also because the recent rise in temperature creates a need for vehicle maintenance.


Engine coolant should be drained or flushed every other year and inspected at least twice per year. This helps insure that your car will run cool this summer. It also helps prevent clogging and
corrosion in your radiator and heater core. Your water pump’s life will be extended as well.


Paint work is very expensive. Consider waxing your vehicle or paying to have it detailed at least three to four times a year. Wax helps protect your paint from the elements, including those glaring summer rays. Regular wax jobs not only keep your vehicle looking great, but they can also add years to the life of your vehicle’s paint finish.


Always prioritize the performance of your vehicle. Preventive mechanical maintenance makes your vehicle safer to drive, makes it less likely you’ll find yourself broken down on the side of the road or worse, helps maximize your fuel mileage, and directly affects an optimum trade-in value or market value for your vehicle.

These simple maintenance items enhance the performance of your vehicle, save you money on gas, make your vehicle safer to drive, extend the life of your vehicle, and/or protect the value of your investment. Please don’t skimp on maintenance. It’s money well spent now. And it’s money you’ll be thankful you spent when you’re ready to trade or sell.

Happy Trails!

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